How to Change Google Dialer to Miui Dialer?

How to Change Google Dialer to Miui Dialer

Usually, the first question comes to mind is that why do we need to change Google dialer to MiUI dialer? Or how to turn off the google dialer?

If you have manually installed the Google Phone app from the Play Store, then you could simply uninstall it from your phone.  If the app came pre-installed on your phone, then there is no way to uninstall it. You could try to change only its dialer.

There are also phones like the Samsung phones which do not come with the Google dialers, while there are other phone brands like the OnePlus and the Xiaomi which have now started using google dialers in their phones conveniently.

The major reason for this is that google dialer’s have this major call recording issue, Google dialer does call recording each time, and the call recording announcement isn’t too overwhelming. Also with the Google dialer, we have to set many random options manually, like the airplane mode switching on and off, which is unnecessarily tiresome.

Thus, if you have any such issues with the Google dialer, you may choose any other dialer than the Google dialer.

Nowadays many phones have replaced the MiUI phone apps with the Google apps due to privacy laws and restrictions around the globe, These devices are now making use of the GMS i.e. Google Mobile Services.

Usually, any standard MiUI phone offers its own functional display, but this could be changed at the customer’s request whenever required.

MiUI comes with many system apps dialer messaging, Mi calculator, Mi share, Mi music, etc., which are very popular. Some of these apps are still relevant while others are replaced.

Firstly you have to thoroughly check your phone’s dialer and settings Whenever you wish to know how to change Google dialer to MiUI dialer, you can follow certain simple steps and change the dialer settings.

You can change the settings and see how to change Google Dialer to MiUI dialer using the following steps one by one –

Below are the steps about how to change from Google Dialer to MiUI Dialer-

  1. First, tap on the settings of your phone
  2. Then tap on the Apps option
  3. Then tap on the Manage App option
  4. Now you can open the Menu
  5. In the menu section,tap on the Default Apps option
  6. Then tap on the Dial option
  7. Now you can select and set the dialer to MiUI, or any dialer of your choice.

You could install an alternate dialer, if you wish, and set that dialer to be your default phone app dialer.

You could also use a flashable zip and see how to change the Google dialer to the MiUI dialer or you could use the third-party MiUI theme dialer which is on the get app store, it is called ‘Dialer MiUI lite’.

 You can try this step-wise tutorial very easily at home and get the desired results.

Let us know if our information has been helpful to you in any way.

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