Which Job Is Best For Girls?

Which Job Is Best For Girls

You need to choose wisely whether you’re a college student trying to determine what your actual calling is, a seasoned professional returning to the workforce, or someone simply seeking a job in a different industry. The boundaries of occupational constraints have become more hazy as women have made significant advancements in sectors that were formerly dominated by males.

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Women now have more possibilities for jobs than ever before. Among the many roles that women play are those of sister, daughter, friend, wife, mother, confidante, breadwinner, etc. You must choose a profession that not only pays well but also enables you to be a professional woman without sacrificing any of these obligations as you are a woman who must balance several responsibilities.

Below are the best jobs for girls in India:-

Human Resources

This career path is suitable for those who enjoy working in business environments and are adept at assisting others in resolving their difficulties. The field of human resources management is one that women may enter at a quick pace. For a solid start, you can pursue an MBA or PGDM in human resources management. Shortlisting and interviewing applicants, hiring and training employees, determining their compensation, designing assessment systems, benefits, and perks, creating rules and leave arrangements, ensuring employee welfare, and resolving conflicts are the key duties of human resources staff.

Nurse Practitioner

Although they operate under a doctor’s supervision, nurse practitioners carry out many of the same tasks as doctors. Men have always been discouraged from becoming nurses, thus it’s a career dominated by women. Since many nurse practitioners began their careers as registered nurses before going back to school to acquire graduate degrees, it’s also a fantastic educational and professional path. Moms who want to earn a good salary, help others with their medical needs, and work flexibly so they can spend more time with their family are drawn to the role. It has the potential to be one of the higher-paying professions for women due to the growing need for medical professionals.


One of the finest careers for women has long been thought to be teaching. Women may have a significant part in influencing people’s lives in a wonderful way through this noble and satisfying job. Over the past ten or so years, there have been many more job prospects because of India’s education sector’s explosive rise. With a B.Ed., teaching positions at educational institutions pay well. Depending on your expertise and employment position, you can make between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 or more per month at government schools, government-aided schools, and many private schools. Principals, vice principals, etc., receive higher pay.

Management Analyst

A particular kind of consultant called a management analyst examines an organization’s present operational structure and searches for methods to make it better. This involves going over and examining any documents that provide staff instructions on how to carry out their tasks, such as reports, guidelines, manuals, system designs, and so on. Due to an increase in female students pursuing business bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in business administration, there is now job parity for women in this profession.

Managers of fundraising and public relations

During World War II, women began working in public relations and fundraising because they stepped up to fill the void left by males leaving for the war. Since that time, males have dominated the executive levels while women have held the majority of positions in the profession at lesser levels. However, women are climbing the corporate ladder and obtaining senior positions with better salaries.

Because it is believed that women are better at solving complicated problems, have a knack for helping customers establish strong reputations, and are adept crisis managers, women have traditionally held the majority of positions in public relations and fundraising.

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